SuperAnimal Prosthetics

Date: 2018, Spring

In collaboration with: Nianfei Liu, Yucheng Wang, Long Pan

Advisors: Herwig Baumgartner, Garrett Santo

SuperAnimal Prosthetics is a project that involves the designing and prototyping of performance enhancing prosthetic limbs. It focuses on full scale prototyping in the Robot house, utilizing then robotic arm and our plastic extruder. Architectural practice has been ever expanding into a variety of different fields; Architectural graduates are no longer tied exclusively to career paths working in an architecture office or opening an architectural practice, but are increasingly involved in all aspects of design; including graphic design, product design, the movie industry and advanced digital manufacturing. This project is expanding the architectural playground even further and focuses specifically on product design with a strong SCI-FI narrative by designing performance enhanced prosthetics or Super Prosthetics. Think superheroes, Cyborgs, and bionic implants. We work on developing different technics working with a high speed, high strength plastic extruder and a robot arm to produce full scale prototypes of their Super Prosthetic designs.


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